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We have made it safely to Virginia after a treacherous trip northward with a 26-footer U-Haul towing a 16-foot trailer with our tractor in tow, followed by myself in a V-8 pickup with my truck in tow- a cat in the front seat and three dogs spread amongst our vehicles.  We are so thankful to have made it here without a glitch (never mind having to unload and reload the U-Haul the day before…but that’s another story:).

The Caravan

We arrived to a snow storm and ended up with over a foot of snow the next day.  The U-Haul had to be towed into the driveway- the 34hp Kubota is a work horse!  We were snowed in for a few days, but the property could not have looked more beautiful with huge snowflakes falling and the pure snow untouched.  The dogs were loving it and what a treat to explore the forest, pond, fields and barn while stomping through a substance I had hardly seen in ten years.

The old farmhouse has been home to a number of young bachelors over the years and has needed some serious TLC.  Hunger prompted me to clean and unpack the kitchen- an all day endeavor.  The bathroom and porch came next.  Thankfully, a few of the rooms had already been cleaned prior to my arrival.  The house is huge! a secret bathroom, two staircases, and a tiny storage cellar under the stairs.  Quite a step up from the single-wide.

Chopping firewood, stacking and building and tending the fire takes up more time than one may realize.  The wood stove provides the heat for the house, as well as a few space heaters, so we mostly stay in the same few rooms.  Every morning we see our breath in the kitchen, which is doubling as the root cellar for now.  I think the refrigerator might be warmer than its surroundings.  Much of our focus is on keeping warm and showers have been scarce.  Ah, country living!  I love it…

The Homestead

The chickens have found a nice home in the barn.  We shored up one of the stalls to protect them from any critters coming out of the woods.  They have plenty of space to peck around, but not much light right now, so eggs production has dwindled.  As soon as the snow melts, we will let them out into the run connected to the stall.  We have plans to add at least 100 more hens to our flock and have found a local hatchery that raises them using natural feed (no GMOs!) and produces healthy, heritage breed birds.  We are hoping to add some ducks and possibly guinea hens to our farmstead.  Hopefully a few heritage piglets, mushrooms, honey and a milking goat, along with all of our vegetables are in the works.  We are staying very busy!

Next week, we are building the greenhouse to start our brassicas in the following week.  Photos to come…

The Barn

The Pond


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