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Harvest Time!

Whew!  So much has happened since the last post.  We moved on out to Wadmalaw where our commute to the farm is now only 7 minutes and had one heck of a time getting the internet to our country paradise.  But at last it is here!  Not to mention the CSA and farmers market started for us again too.  The weeks became suddenly more demanding and structured.  We no longer had much time to weed and plant for about a month and are just getting into a routine to fit those two back into the schedule.

The intense amounts of rain have been more harmful than helpful, but the mole cricket population has dwindled sharply.  I hope the beneficial nematode had something to do with it.   The rain causes nutrients and fertilizers to wash out of the soil, the roots of the plants to rot during prolonged moisture, and the shelf life of leafy greens to shorten.  Occasionally we lose out on a farmers market day because of storms which is vital income for the farm.

Many thanks must go out to our neighboring farmer, Sean Thackeray, who has let us take over the harvest management of his fields, fluffing up our CSA boxes and the market stand.  We have begun working together to create an organic plan for his vegetable fields for the Spring.  A U-pick flower field and on-farm market are also in the works.

The field at dusk on November 10th.  Carrots, Beans, Cabbages...

The field at dusk on November 10th. Carrots, Beans, Cabbages...

A photo of the same field as at the top of the blog page.  How it changes over a little bit of time!  It has been our mission to weed and fertilize the existing plants so we can prepare more beds to plant a little more.  So far we have harvested peas, broccoli raab, lettuce, radishes, braising mix and some beans for the CSA.  The cabbages have begun to form heads too.  With dirty fingernails and tired backs we feel pretty good about the way things are beginning to look.


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