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rooting down

Here are some photos of the open fields that we will soon turn into vegetable gardens. We guesstimate that there are about 1.5 acres cleared with another half to be had under 20 year old brush that has grown up in the ditches. The weeds consist of blackberries and grasses. We hope to get our soil test back in about a week from the Clemson Extension to see what we need to add.

We have already been visited by a large gaggle of turkey who seem to like the open fields and we have had reports about lots of deer. These critters may be our main challenges. We plan to put up an electric deer fence with one high line for the deer and two low lines for the turkey. If that does not work, we may have to chicken wire the whole thing. First, though, we will simply ask them to stay away. Sounds crazy but it has worked in the past.
Right now we are on a determined search for a tractor. We have visited all of the dealerships within a 60 mile radius of Charleston and have not found anything decent that is used and what we need/want…which is: 30+horse power on the PTO (different from the hp on the engine) with a front end loader (we are thinking of that as preventative health care on our backs). So we shifted our gaze north a bit to Virginia, where Tractorhouse.com has quite a few listings of used tractors (John Deere’s at that) with loaders in our price range. So off we go tomorrow to Richmond and Linville to find us a tractor! We are learning so much throughout this endeavor and meeting a lot of nice folks along the way.


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As the new project of starting a small farm begins, Riad and I want to give those who are curious a window into our world. Allow this journal be of useful advice to anyone considering the same path, and may it offer a connection to our families, to our friends and to our CSA members and customers who all give us endless support.

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